събота, 5 март 2011 г.

Revolution in Egypt

Been awhile since my last post:) But historiccaly things happend- Revolution in Egypt. It was an emotional moment. I want to express my sympathy, support and cheers for the Egyptian people. Bravo! I hope all this will end up in a better future.
Have been impressed actually more than impressed with the Egyptian people through the whole process. To all of the Egyptian people who had the courage and strength to stand up against a corrupt system for their rights and freedoms for a better future for themselves, their families, and future generations. Egyptians are an inspiration for millions of people across the world. You handled adverse conditions with class and dignity. You are true heroes.
From the courage and determination shown by the protestors, from the way the people worked together to secure the streets, preserve order and to care for each other during the dark days, and from the concern, courtesy and care we've had from Egyptians, I've been very impressed by the Egyptian people.

You can read my article about what happend here (in bulgarian, but you can use google translation):
Bulgarian National Tv:
http://bnt.bg/bg/news/usernews/46550/situacijata_v_egipet_prez_pogleda_na_edna_bylgarka or whatch the news with my article and pictures:
Visit the Intidar blog:

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